Woman Crushed by Piano in Tragic Accident

Danielle Drummond, a 28-year-old woman who recently relocated to Oregon from Ohio, is now paralyzed from the waist down following a tragic accident last month. While assisting a friend in moving an upright piano, the instrument slipped from her friend’s grip and fell on Drummond, causing severe injuries.

Upon being rushed to the hospital, doctors discovered that the impact had severed Drummond’s spinal cord, resulting in paralysis from the waist down. Despite the life-altering incident, Drummond is striving to maintain a positive outlook. “I’m trying to keep in high spirits because I know this is my life now, but it’s hard,” she shared. She acknowledged the need for extensive physical therapy to rebuild her strength.

The aftermath of the accident has presented Drummond with additional challenges. She had been living in her van with her dog, Lotus, and now requires a home health aide and extensive rehabilitation. With no family in Oregon to assist her, Drummond is currently seeking a new place to live.

Returning to her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, is currently not a viable option due to her medical condition. Drummond expressed uncertainty about how she would manage the logistics of the journey and the transfer of her medical care.

In response to her sister’s predicament, Rosie Hayne has established a GoFundMe campaign to help Drummond secure housing and cover her medical expenses. Hayne expressed her heartbreak over her sister’s situation, describing Drummond as a “strong and wise woman” with a “beautiful soul.”

Drummond’s injuries include fractures to her T11 and T12 vertebrae, the two lowest in the thoracic spine. Surgeons performed a fusion from T10-L2 in Drummond’s spine to enhance her spinal stability. Despite her progress in maneuvering a hospital wheelchair, Drummond still needs to secure her own wheelchair and a suitable living arrangement.

While Drummond has accepted that she may never walk again, she remains hopeful. She believes that future medical advancements may one day restore her ability to walk.