Woman and young kids found frozen to death in an open field

On Sunday, January 15, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard reported that a woman and her two sons were discovered frozen to death in a field in Pontiac, MI.

It has been established that the mother had been experiencing mental health problems prior to her demise. Monica Cannady, 35, had been feeling that someone was attempting to murder her and that everyone was included in this supposed conspiracy.

Bouchard stated that her family was trying to provide her with help and support, but she refused and chose to flee.

She had left her home with her three kids, Kyle Milton, 9; Malik Milton, 3; and her 10-year-old daughter on Friday.

Officials then received multiple calls of a woman and her children walking the streets with inadequate winter clothing.

After the 10-year-old daughter went to a nearby home and claimed that her family had passed away, the police were called and conducted a search of the area.

Approximately one mile away from Cannady’s apartment, they found her and her two sons deceased.

The medical examiner concluded that the mother and her sons had died due to hypothermia, and the cause of death was labeled as accidental. Bouchard also mentioned that if more conversations about seeking help were to take place, it could have resulted in a different outcome.

The daughter was in stable condition, undergoing tests for hypothermia-related symptoms in the hospital. After she is discharged, she will be taken in by her family. Child Protective Services has taken charge of the case.