Violent Brawl Between NFL Fans at California In-N-Out Results in Stabbings

A shocking incident unfolded at a California In-N-Out restaurant when fans of the San Francisco 49ers and Las Vegas Raiders engaged in a violent altercation, leaving two individuals with severe stab wounds. The brawl occurred on Friday night, following the 49ers’ final preseason game against the Los Angeles Chargers. After the game, numerous 49ers fans left Levi’s Stadium and headed to the In-N-Out restaurant located in Santa Clara, approximately a mile away. Raiders fans were also present at the restaurant, located on Mission College Boulevard.

The Santa Clara Police Department reported that the fight broke out between the two NFL fanbases around 11:12 p.m. Footage from the scene shows a chaotic scene with fists flying and multiple individuals involved in the brawl. At one point, a group of three men targeted a shirtless man, knocking him to the ground and continuing to assault him. The situation escalated when another man appeared with a small knife or shiv and repeatedly stabbed the man on the ground, with blood visibly pooling on the floor.

According to the police, at least ten people were involved in the violent incident at the fast-food restaurant. Upon arrival at the scene, officers detained several individuals for their involvement in the fight. Two people were confirmed to have been stabbed and were subsequently transported to a local hospital. The current condition of the victims remains unknown.

In the aftermath of the brawl, two individuals have been arrested, although their identities have not been disclosed by the police. The investigation into the incident and the search for additional suspects continues. The cause of the fight has not been disclosed by the police.

The Santa Clara Police Department is appealing to anyone with information or video evidence of the brawl to come forward. Detective Sgt. Frank Hagg can be contacted at (408) 615-4814 or via email at For those wishing to provide an anonymous tip, a message can be left on the SCPD Anonymous Tip Line at (408) 615-4TIP (4847).

In a related incident, a violent brawl also broke out in the stands during a 49ers preseason game at Levi’s Stadium last week.