Tucker Carlson breaks his silence after leaving Fox News

On Wednesday night, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson made his first statement since leaving the network and voiced criticism of the “people in charge” of Washington, DC.
In a video posted to Twitter, Carlson accused political leaders from both sides of squashing voices and stifling media outlets that uncover corruption or bring forth truth.

“It’s astonishing that when the debates on television are so unimportant, the topics that will shape our future receive barely any consideration,” Carlson stated. “When was the last time you heard a legitimate discussion on issues such as war, civil rights, science, population changes, corporate power, or natural resources?”

The journalist continued by saying that debates like these are not typically allowed in the American media, as both political parties and their supporters have come to a mutual agreement on what will benefit them and actively restrict any conversations about it. As a result, the US is beginning to look like a single-party state.

Carlson did not mention his former employer of 11 years or why he was taken off the air. Prior to his departure, his show was the most watched in cable news among viewers ages 25 to 54.

In his closing remarks, Carlson warned that the nation’s “brain dead” ideas will soon be overthrown, causing some political leaders to fear a loss of control. He then encouraged people to seek out sources of truth, as long as they exist, as this is the only way that hope can remain.