Tragic Fall: Woman Plunges to Death Moments After Engagement

In a tragic turn of events, a woman in Turkey fell to her death from a cliff just moments after accepting her boyfriend’s marriage proposal. The incident occurred on July 6 in Canakkale, a city in northwestern Turkey. The woman, Yesim Demir, and her newly betrothed, Nizamettin Gursu, had planned to commemorate their engagement with a sunset picnic at the scenic cliffside spot at Polente Cape.

Gursu had just proposed to Demir and had gone back to their car to fetch the celebratory food and drinks when he heard a horrifying scream. He rushed back to the cliffside to find that his fiancée had fallen over the edge. The couple had chosen the location for its romantic ambiance, Gursu later told local media.

“We thought it would be a romantic memory after the proposal. We had some drinks. Everything happened so suddenly. She lost her balance and fell,” Gursu recounted. Demir initially survived the fall, which was over 100 feet, but later succumbed to her injuries.

Gursu immediately called for help, but despite 45 minutes of resuscitation efforts, the medical team declared Demir dead. Friends of Demir told local media that the cliff where the accident occurred was a popular spot for watching the sunset.

“This is a place where everyone comes to watch the sunset,” they said. “However, the roads are very bad and there is no safety measure at the edge of the cliff. A fence should be installed here, precautions should be taken.”

Following Demir’s death, the cliff was closed off as authorities conducted an investigation. The area was reopened in a controlled manner on July 15.