Texas high school delays graduation because only 5 seniors met graduation requirements

At Marlin High School in Marlin, Texas, only five of 33 seniors had met the graduation requirements, leading to a decision to postpone the school’s graduation ceremony until June.

The Marlin Independent School District emphasized its commitment to providing the necessary resources and support for students in its statement. Superintendent Dr. Darryl Henson noted that all students in Texas must meet the same high standards. To earn a diploma, students need to earn 22-26 course credits and pass proficiency tests in Algebra I, English I, English II, biology, and U.S. history.

One student, Salvador Guerrero, needed to pass the U.S. history test, but it was unavailable until summer. C’ijah Williams was missing an elective credit and could now take a crash course before the new graduation date. Alondra Alvarado, one of the five who had already qualified for graduation, was disappointed that the five would be the only ones walking the stage.

In response to the situation, the Marlin community organized a graduation-like ceremony at a local Baptist church for all seniors and their families. It is unclear if the other 28 students had been informed that they were in danger of not graduating, as reports as recent as April 17 stated that they were “on track.” To improve student engagement and reduce absences, Marlin ISD voted to move to a four-day school week starting in the fall.