Teen Escapes After Being Kidnapped and Raped

Sugarloaf, Ca – A man from Sugarloaf, California, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and rape after a teenage girl managed to escape from his home. The victim alleges that she was held captive for six days and subjected to assault during her captivity.

Zackary Dourousseau, 26, was apprehended by deputies from the Big Bear Sheriff’s Department on March 7. He now faces multiple charges, including kidnapping, false imprisonment, and statutory rape.

According to law enforcement officials, Dourousseau allegedly picked up the 17-year-old victim on the evening of March 1. He then took her to his apartment where he reportedly demanded sexual favors. When the victim refused, she was allegedly held against her will for nearly a week.

During her captivity, the police state that Dourousseau provided the victim with minimal food and water, but made her consume excessive amounts of alcohol. It is alleged that he coerced her into having sex with him, promising her freedom in return.

The victim managed to escape when Dourousseau left her locked inside a vehicle while he went to work. She immediately sought help at a nearby business, and the employees contacted the authorities on her behalf.

Following his arrest, Dourousseau was taken into custody at the West Valley Detention Center. He is scheduled to appear at the San Bernardino Superior Courthouse on March 18. Online records indicate that he was released on bail. Dourousseau has entered a plea of not guilty and has been assigned a public defender, although the defender’s name has not been disclosed.

The investigation into this case continues as authorities work to gather evidence and support the victim’s allegations.