Taylor Swift concert dream turns into tragedy

Jacob Lewis, a Houston, Texas native, tragically passed away early Saturday morning. He and his sister, April Bancroft, were traveling home from Taylor Swift’s Houston tour stop when their car stalled.

Steve Lewis, Jacob’s father, reported that the siblings had car troubles on the freeway. While Jacob was pushing the car to the shoulder, a car driven by Alan Bryant Hayes, 34, rear-ended them. Jacob perished instantly.

The tow truck driver, who had seen Hayes driving erratically, followed him until authorities were able to apprehend him. April Bancroft, who witnessed the incident, reported that Hayes attempted to flee the scene, but she begged him not to.

The Houston Police Department released a statement confirming the fatal hit-and-run. Hayes was charged with felony DWI and failure to stop and render aid, with a bond of $120,000.

April Bancroft expressed her gratitude for having the chance to experience Taylor Swift’s show with her brother, stating it was a wonderful memory to hold on to.

Swift fans have offered support to Bancroft and the family with contributions to their GoFundMe and by wearing bracelets in Jacob’s honor. Bancroft shared her grief on Twitter, saying that they had loved Swift so much, and thanked her for making it their last memory together.