Target security guard punches unhinged woman chasing him over refusal of ‘reparations’ of $1K in groceries

A Target security guard punched a woman in the face after she chased him into an office over the store’s refusal to give her the $1,000 in groceries she claimed as reparation.

At a Target store in Blue Ash, Ohio, Karen Ivery reportedly asked the cashier for the manager regarding a bill and asked for “reparations” of $1,000 in groceries. The cashier informed authorities that she brought up reparations multiple times during their conversation.

When the manager arrived, Ivery became angry and began to move aggressively toward her.

A loss-prevention officer, Zach Cotter, stepped in and asked her to leave the store. Ivery then allegedly began screaming at Cotter and followed him to his office. When Cotter attempted to close the door, Ivery forced her way in and Cotter punched her.

Video evidence showed the aftermath in the office and Ivery proclaimed it to be her “Rosa Parks moment”.

An investigation determined that Ivery was the aggressor, and she was placed under arrest and given a day of jail time and a $110 fine for disorderly conduct. Target declined to comment on the incident.