Shooting at White Sox Baseball Game Leads to Shocking Revelation

A recent investigation into a shooting incident that occurred during a White Sox-Athletics game at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago last Friday has led to a startling revelation. Two women were injured in the incident, and according to a report by a local sports news outlet, the firearm was allegedly smuggled into the stadium concealed within the folds of a woman’s belly fat.

The report, citing two sources close to the investigation, stated that the woman, who was one of the victims, triggered the metal detectors three times. Despite subsequent security checks, the hidden firearm was not discovered.

The victims, aged 42 and 26, were injured during the fourth inning of the Athletics’ 12-4 victory. The older woman suffered a gunshot wound to her leg, while the younger woman sustained a graze wound to her abdomen. Both are expected to make a full recovery.

However, a conflicting report by WGN in Chicago, citing White Sox security sources, stated that security footage showed neither woman setting off the metal detectors upon entering the stadium. The attorney for the 42-year-old victim also denied that his client brought a firearm into the ballpark, according to a report by the Chicago Tribune.

The attorney, John Malm, stated that his client denies any involvement with the firearm discharge at the stadium. He added that they will continue to investigate the incident to seek justice for his client, who suffered serious personal injuries from the shooting.

The origin of the bullets and whether a firearm was brought into the stadium remains unclear. Fred Waller, interim superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, stated that investigators have almost ruled out the possibility that the shots were fired from outside the stadium.

Waller added that the police department initially requested the game be stopped after the shooting was discovered. However, the White Sox decided to continue the game. The police department, in a statement, defended their immediate response and coordination with White Sox security to ensure the safety of attendees and staff.

Following the game, the team announced the cancellation of a concert featuring Vanilla Ice, Rob Base, and Tone Loc due to “technical issues.”