Shocking images emerge of torture chambers and mass graves in Ukraine

Chilling photos reveal inside of Russian ‘torture chambers’ in Ukraine after mass grave discovery – New York Post

Chilling photos emerged on Sunday showing purported “torture chambers” used by Russian forces against Ukrainians, with dirty bedding, shredded pieces of foam and empty pumpkin-seed pods scattered across the floor.

The Ukrainian president said that more than 10 torture chambers were found in the liberated areas of Kharkiv Oblast, various cities and towns, as well as a room for torture, as well as tools for electrical torture, at a railway station in Kozach Lopan.

The supposed discoveries came as European Union leaders called for war crimes investigations of a recently discovered mass gravesite that included bodies of women and children in Izyum, a Ukrainian city that was liberated. Ukrainian authorities said evidence suggests that many victims were tortured before they died.

In recent weeks, Ukrainian forces have recovered 59 bodies from burial pits in the woods in the outskirts of the town of Izyum, which was under Russian occupation until Ukrainian forces recently launched a counteroffensive to recapture the city at the besieged nations eastern edge.

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