Richard Simmons speaks out on his disappearance

Richard Simmons Makes Rare Statement Days After Documentary on His Disappearance Airs – E! NEWS

Richard Simmons left the public eye over eight years ago and is grateful to his fans for supporting him. Richard Simmons took to his Facebook page to thank his fans for their support after his startling exit from the public eye.

Richard Simmons abruptly stopped teaching in her fitness studio in 2014, retreating from public life entirely. He sued two tabloid publications in 2017, claiming that he was undergoing transitioning into a woman.

The Doc says that Richard Simmons’s recoil from the spotlight is because he needs to have his left knee replaced, and that the prospect of becoming sedentary caused him to fall into a deep depression.

In 2014, TMZ claimed that Simmons had “two bad knees”, and that he had postponed surgery for the second because he was afraid he would make his ailments worse. A woman who had known Simmons for 35 years told an outlet that Simmons wanted to be remembered as the guy millions loved.

Richard Simmons has been likened to Greta Garbo, who retired at 35 and moved to New York, where she led a private life until her death in 1990, aged 84. He has “cleverly found ways of living under the radar,” said the TMZ special.

Simmons revealed he wanted to bring a new generation of fans into his classic workout routines, and that he hoped many new fans would discover this timeless classic.

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