Pregnant Woman, Unborn Child, Husband Killed in Family Dispute

A man was apprehended by Ohio law enforcement following a fatal shooting at a Labor Day gathering that resulted in the deaths of a pregnant woman, her unborn child, and her spouse. The tragic incident, which took place in Garfield Heights, was reportedly the culmination of a deep-seated family dispute, according to Maple Heights Police Chief Todd Hansen.

The suspect, identified as 29-year-old Jason Iverson, reportedly arrived at Stafford Park, a popular location for family and church group celebrations. Upon spotting certain family members, Iverson allegedly engaged in a physical altercation with them.

Mercedes Iverson, the suspect’s 30-year-old pregnant sister, and her 31-year-old husband, Norbert Carter, attempted to extricate themselves from the escalating situation. However, Jason Iverson is alleged to have pursued them to their vehicle in a nearby parking lot, where he opened fire. The pregnant woman and her unborn child were fatally wounded.

Carter attempted to flee the scene but was reportedly pursued by Iverson into a restroom, where he was shot and killed. A 13-year-old minor was also injured during the incident, suffering a minor bullet wound. The child was treated at a local hospital and subsequently released.

“I believe the minor was an unintended victim,” Hansen stated. “The child was not the intended target, but was unfortunately in close proximity to the female victim.”

Thanks to the assistance of several eyewitnesses present at the park, law enforcement officers were able to swiftly locate and apprehend Iverson following the shooting. He has since been charged with murder and attempted murder.

Hansen emphasized that the incident was a targeted act of violence, not a random act. “The conflict was specifically between the shooter and the victims,” he said. “The situation was quickly brought under control with the arrest of the suspect.” Garfield Heights is a suburban community located outside of Cleveland, home to approximately 30,000 residents.