Popular DJ Found Decapitated in Home

The Tennessee law enforcement community is currently probing the shocking demise of Rick Buchanan, a well-known DJ from the Memphis region, who went by the stage name “Slick Rick.” Buchanan’s lifeless body was discovered in his residence, decapitated and with his trousers lowered to his ankles. Despite the gruesome scene, police have yet to identify any immediate indications of criminal activity in connection to his death.

The grim discovery was made by Buchanan’s brother, John, who visited the DJ’s home after a concerned neighbor’s phone call. John Buchanan found the front door locked but the back door ajar. It was within the confines of the house that he came across his brother’s disfigured remains.

In a poignant conversation with local media, John Buchanan recounted the initial confusion he experienced upon finding his brother’s body. He initially believed his brother’s head was covered by a coat, but a closer inspection revealed a more horrifying reality. The keys were still clutched in Buchanan’s hand, and his trousers were around his ankles. It wasn’t until the following day that John confirmed to law enforcement that his brother had been decapitated.

Rick Buchanan had a previous encounter with death in 2014 when he was shot during a robbery outside a music venue owned by his mother. Following the incident, he became increasingly withdrawn, facing difficulties in securing employment and choosing to spend most of his time at home with his pet dog.

The Memphis Police Department has verified the discovery of an adult male’s body at the Angel Street residence where Buchanan resided. While no immediate signs of criminal activity have been identified, the cause of death is yet to be determined. The investigation into Rick Buchanan’s death is ongoing.