Pastor’s Wife’s Cause of Death Revealed, Sparks Controversy

The death of Mica Miller, a South Carolina pastor’s wife who had previously accused her husband of abuse, has been ruled a suicide by the local medical examiner. The 30-year-old woman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to Richard Johnson, the Robeson County Medical Examiner. Johnson dismissed speculations that the gunshot wound was at the back of her head.

Miller’s body was discovered at Lumber River State Park on April 27, just two days after she served her husband, Pastor John Paul Miller of Solid Rock at Market Common congregation, with divorce papers. This information was revealed in court documents.

Prior to her death, Miller had reportedly expressed fears for her life to her sister, Sierra Francis. She had told Francis that if she was ever found dead in the manner she was found in the park, her husband should be held responsible. This was disclosed in an affidavit filed by Francis in Horry County Probate Court.

Miller, who met her husband when she was a teenager and he was in his late twenties, had spoken about being violently abused by her husband to her family and other church members. In the weeks leading up to her death, she found a tracking device on her car and had her tires slashed on multiple occasions. Her brother, Nathaniel Francis, revealed in a separate affidavit that John Paul had confessed and apologized for the damage to her car in emails that Miller had forwarded to him.

Police reports from March 11 detail allegations of stalking, with Miller expressing fear for her life as the suspect showed up at her location multiple times in a single day. A tracking device was later found on her vehicle by mechanics.

John Paul, who married Miller in 2017, told the Christian Post that his wife suffered from bipolar II, schizophrenic and dependent personality disorders and often did not take her medication. He claimed that she had made previous attempts to take her own life and had been hospitalized for mental treatment multiple times.

However, Miller’s sister insisted that she was looking forward to her future, planning to move to Kenya part-time for missionary work after her divorce. The family is now calling for a thorough investigation into Miller’s death. John Paul, who announced his wife’s suicide at the end of a sermon, has since been relieved of his ministerial duties at Solid Rock.