OnlyFans Model’s Parents Arrested in Daughter’s Murder Case

The parents of a Miami-based OnlyFans model, who is currently facing charges for the alleged murder of her boyfriend, have been arrested in Texas. Deborah, 57, and Kim Clenney, 60, parents of Courtney Clenney, were apprehended on out-of-state felony warrants on Tuesday. The charges stem from allegations of tampering with evidence related to their daughter’s case.

After the police returned Courtney Clenney’s apartment to her parents, Kim Clenney reportedly discovered a laptop that belonged to Christian Obumseli, Courtney’s boyfriend. The laptop, which was not initially seized by the police, was later handed over by the parents. However, it is alleged that the parents attempted to access the laptop before turning it over to Obumseli’s legal team.

Courtney Clenney, 27, has been in custody in Miami since August 2022, awaiting trial for the fatal stabbing of Obumseli. The incident occurred in their upscale condominium on April 3, following a night of heated arguments. Courtney Clenney has been charged with second-degree murder with a weapon but has pleaded not guilty, asserting that she acted in self-defense.

Kim Clenney has been actively involved in his daughter’s legal proceedings since November 2022. During a bail hearing, he testified that the fatal stabbing was an act of self-defense following prolonged mistreatment of his daughter. He described his daughter’s relationship with Obumseli as “very toxic” and claimed that Obumseli had not treated his daughter properly.

The Clenneys were arrested in Texas and booked into Travis County Jail on a “hold for another agency,” according to jail records. Courtney Clenney’s attorney expressed surprise and concern over the parents’ arrest, suggesting it could be a tactic to prevent them from speaking out ahead of a gag order hearing scheduled for later this week.

The attorney, Frank Prieto, criticized the arrests, suggesting that the Clenney family has been targeted with exaggerated charges to discredit them and control the narrative. He also questioned why the arrests took place in Texas rather than Florida, where the bond would have been significantly lower.

Earlier this month, a video was released by the law firm representing Obumseli’s family. The video allegedly shows Courtney Clenney hitting and yelling at Obumseli inside a rental property in Aspen, months before his death. The footage, captured by a third party, shows Clenney expressing her frustration with Obumseli’s alleged mistreatment of her.