Nancy Pelosi Hasn’t Spoken About the Amazon Union Vote

While unions continue to experience declining membership, workers at an Amazon facility in Staten Island, New York, voted at the end of March to unionize despite intense pressure from the company not to do so. Few expected the workers to have a chance without any aid from a union. Out of 8,300 warehouse workers qualified to vote, 2,654 chose to be represented by Amazon Labor Union, and 2,131 voted against the measure. Some say the move could turn the union movement around.

One would think Democrats would be leaping with joy. Yet, there has been very little commentary from elected officials of the political party that is supposed to be pro-union. On Friday, April 1, media group More Perfect Union said only 12 of 50 Democratic Senators expressed support for the union’s win. Perhaps even more interesting, only 40 out of 226 House Democrats made a comment about the union fortune. Conspicuously, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been silent on the matter.

Almost all of California’s 42 Democratic House members expressed a celebratory comment on Cesar Chavez Day, held on March 31. Yet, only six of them commented on the Amazon union win.

So, do Democrats really care about unions, or are they pawns for easy votes?

You decide.