Bombshell New Book Details Downfall of the Democrat Party

For nearly a year, America watched as Democrats struggled to get anything worthwhile done. Making a hard shift to the Left, they attempted to govern as though they had a mandate from voters they never received. A new upcoming book titled, This Will Not Pass by New York Times journalists Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, details the deep problems within the Democratic Party under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and President Joe Biden’s leadership.

The book explores how Pelosi had to beg for the speakership in January 2021. The book says the process of getting elected as speaker again wore on her as far-left progressives pushed to move her out of power While she won by a vote of 216 to 208, Martin and Burns said it was a joyless victory.

The two journalists also wrote about the Democrats’ near-defeat in 2020. According to them, Pelosi blames the Leftist elements in the party for abandoning Hispanic and Asian voters with their talk of socialism. Additionally, the speaker noted progressives weren’t careful enough in their discussions about abortion and offended new Americans who were devout in their faith.

While 2021 was a colossal failure for Democrats, 2022 may not be much better for them when voters go to the polls. The Left may pick up some seats, but Democrats as a whole face a potential shellacking in November.

This Will Not Pass hits book stores and online marketplaces on May 3.