Murder Suspect Mistakenly Released from Jail Triggers Statewide Manhunt

A clerical error at an Indiana jail led to the inadvertent release of a murder suspect who had been on the run for two years prior to his arrest. Kevin Mason, 28, was apprehended in Indianapolis on September 11, but was mistakenly set free just two days later, triggering a statewide manhunt.

Mason was arrested on three separate warrants from Minnesota, including charges for second-degree murder, parole violation, and firearms possession. The murder charge was related to a fatal shooting that occurred in Minneapolis in June 2021, resulting in the death of Dontevius Ahmad Catchings.

The error occurred when a records clerk at the Adult Detention Center in Indianapolis mistakenly removed two holds on Mason’s file, under the impression that they were duplicate bookings. The following day, another hold was lifted by Ramsey County in Minnesota, who were unaware of the previous day’s mistake, leading to Mason’s release.

Colonel James Martin of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office referred to the incident as a “critical error” during a press conference. He clarified that each warrant had a unique ID number and case number, which should have prevented such a mistake from happening. Following the mishap, two inmate records clerks were let go from the agency.

Since Mason’s release, authorities have been conducting a relentless manhunt. The U.S. Marshals Task Force and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are assisting in the search. Residents have been advised to report any sightings of Mason to Crime Stoppers or 911, but have been cautioned against approaching him.

Martin also disclosed that the authorities initially kept Mason’s release under wraps to maintain a “tactical advantage” in their search. He reassured the public that efforts to recapture Mason will continue until he is back in custody.

Mason is described as 5-foot-9, weighing 200 pounds, with distinctive tattoos including a cross under his left eye and ‘SUB’ on his chest.