Mother tried to light her 1-year-old daughter on fire

Lisbeth Collado has been charged with arson in the second degree, attempted arson in the second degree, attempted aggravated murder, attempted murder in the second degree, attempted assault in the first degree, as well as two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

This indictment came after her husband, Jamie Avery Jr., allegedly attempted to light their daughter on fire using a flammable liquid at Love’s Travel Shops in Tyre, New York on May 3, 2022.

Multiple 911 calls reported small fires inside the building, which were extinguished quickly. Police also found the couple’s young son in a nearby semitruck, with reports differing on his age (3 or 4). Deputies had to break into the locked semi-truck to find the young boy with a head injury, but he eventually made a full recovery.

Avery pleaded guilty to attempted assault in December, but is now trying to withdraw his plea. A hearing is set for Friday. The motive behind the attempted burning is still unknown.

Collado is set to be sentenced on May 10 likely to nine years in prison and five years of parole.