Mass shooting at crowded city park, at least 2 dead

Saturday night saw a tragedy occur in Louisville’s Chickasaw Park, only five miles away from the Old National Bank shooting which happened six days prior.

According to LMPD assistant chief Lt. Paul Humphrey, “hundreds” of people were in the park when shots were fired at 9 p.m., leaving two people dead and four others, one of whom is in critical condition, rushed to the hospital.

Police are still uncertain as to how many shooters were involved, and no information regarding suspects has been released yet.

This is the third shooting to take place in the city in the same week. On Monday, five of the Old National Bank’s employees were killed in a shooting, and a 4:30 a.m. Saturday shooting in Old Louisville left two people dead and one in hospital.

Councilwoman Donna Purvis stated that she is “so tired of this” and cannot make any sense of the events.