Family makes eerie discovery at secluded bed & breakfast

Stumbling across a painting of someone looking like you has got to be one of the most startling discoveries a person can make in a vacation rental.

A family who recently went on a ski trip in Sweden arrived at a secluded B&B and noticed a painting of their son on the wall. Jennie Stevenson, the family’s mother, uploaded the side-by-side comparison of the painting and her son on Twitter.

When another user asked if it was too late to locate another place to stay, Jennie responded that if she found pictures of the other four family members, she would be out of there.

Fortunately, the family made it through the night but not without being disturbed by an unusual papery sound in the middle of the night. She refrained from locking her kids in their own room but still felt uneasy.

Jennie mentioned to The Mirror that when they arrived at the B&B, her daughter pointed out the painting and said, “Mom, there’s a picture of Barney on the wall”.

The painting was created by Swedish painter Carl Larsson and is called Flowers In The Meadow.