Marines attacked by a mob of teens

On Memorial Day weekend, a group of up to thirty young people assaulted several Marines at the San Clemente Pier in Southern California.

The altercation began when the Marines asked the group to stop setting off fireworks. Hunter Antonino, one of the attacked Marines, stated that the group was being obnoxious and that when debris hit him in the face, he asked them to move on. Subsequently, a teen swung at the back of the Marine’s head, triggering the crowd to violently attack the Marines. A man and a woman eventually intervened and the fight was ended.

Sheriff’s deputies are now searching for the attackers and have increased patrols around the pier. Sergeant Frank Gonzalez reported that the attack is considered an assault with a deadly weapon due to the number of people involved, and added that their feet were used as weapons while the victims were on the ground.

Local residents expressed their anger and shock at the incident, with one person stating that it was an “epic embarrassment” to the city and disrespectful to the USMC. Another person commented that they would never tolerate this behaviour.