Man’s Body Mistaken for Halloween Decoration

The family of Robert Owens, a 34-year-old man whose remains were found in an abandoned property in China Grove, North Carolina, is seeking answers after his body was mistaken for a Halloween decoration for several days. Owens was last seen alive on October 1, and his body was discovered a week later on the long driveway of the deserted house.

According to the family, a man who had been mowing the lawn at the property had overlooked Owens’ body, assuming it was a Halloween decoration. Haley Shue, Owens’ sister, expressed her disbelief to local media, questioning how someone could mow around a body without realizing it was a real person, especially at a house that was clearly uninhabited.

Owens was found with minimal clothing, and his body was eventually discovered by a construction worker. Shue relayed the worker’s observations, noting that Owens had cuts and scrapes on his arms, which the worker described as defensive wounds. The circumstances surrounding Owens’ presence at the abandoned house remain a mystery.

Shue stated that despite her grandmother living off of Shue Road for over 40 years, Owens had never been known to visit the house where his body was found. The family acknowledged that Owens had a history of drug use, but they are still seeking answers about his death.

The police have not yet classified Owens’ death as a homicide, but the investigation is ongoing. More information is expected to be released following the completion of the autopsy report.