Man who killed 7 of his family in murder-suicide left strange note

In January of this year, Michael Haight, a 42-year-old Utah man, shot and killed his wife, Tausha Haight, her mother, Gail Earl, and the couple’s five children before taking his own life. This tragedy occurred weeks after Tausha filed for divorce, citing years of alleged abuse and mean-spiritedness that had started to affect the children.

In a suicide letter released by the Enoch Police Department, Haight referenced his faith, his devotion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his hard work ethic. He expressed his belief that his wife had been unfavorably critical of him and his family, as well as of his neighbors, ward members, and so on, who did not place her at the center of attention. He wrote that he could not handle this any longer and that he and his family would be no burden on society. He also referred to his preference for death over the life he and his family were leading.

The day before the massacre, Haight was served with divorce papers. He seemed to act as though nothing had happened when he asked his wife how her day was going. After she asked him if he had received the lawsuit, he told her to leave the house and take their children with her. The children were evidently excited about the divorce, with the oldest daughter texting a friend to say that she could not be happier that her mom had filed for divorce.

The separation lasted less than a week, with the family eventually returning to their home. At church that Sunday, Haight was not allowed to sit with his family. This was likely a blow to his ego, as he was reportedly concerned about his public image.

The suicide letter also mentioned that Haight had recently been fired from his job at Allstate, with a friend suspecting financial improprieties. This, coupled with the impending divorce, appeared to be the breaking point for Haight, and he committed the atrocity that resulted in the death of six people.

Macie Haight reported three separate occasions of suspected abuse in the house to Utah child protective services. A caseworker was set to visit the family on January 5th, the day after Michael Haight had gone through the house and taken the lives of each person in the house. On December 12th, 2022, Briley Haight sent a text to a friend expressing the need for someone to guarantee her safety; however, unfortunately, safety was never provided.