Man Pulls Gun at McDonald’s Over Happy Meal

A man from North Dakota is facing charges after brandishing a firearm at a fellow McDonald’s customer who declined his request for a Happy Meal and suggested he find employment, according to local law enforcement. The incident occurred on September 30 when George Demarrias, 33, approached Trent Guthmiller, 43, as he was entering the fast-food restaurant and asked him to purchase a Big Mac and a Happy Meal for him, as per an arrest affidavit.

Guthmiller responded to Demarrias’ request by advising him to secure a job, after which he proceeded to order his meal. Demarrias, visibly upset by the response, followed Guthmiller into the restaurant. He then pulled out a firearm from his waistband and pointed it at Guthmiller, an act witnessed by several patrons, including children.

According to the affidavit, Demarrias accused Guthmiller of being disrespectful, used profanity, and then returned the firearm to his waistband before exiting the establishment. The Bismarck police described the event as a “terrorizing incident” in their report.

Upon responding to the incident, the police discovered a 9 mm handgun hidden in a stroller where Demarrias’ one-year-old daughter was seated. The officers located Demarrias in the vicinity and had to aim their firearms at him and his young daughter during his arrest.

Security footage from the restaurant confirmed Guthmiller’s account of the incident. Demarrias has been charged with terrorizing with a dangerous weapon, a felony offense. He is currently detained in the Burleigh County jail with a cash bond set at $10,000. A judge has also ordered him to refrain from contacting Guthmiller.

Elouise Flyingby, a 27-year-old woman accompanying Demarrias, was also arrested outside the McDonald’s. She was charged with providing a false name to the police. She pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge and received a 10-day jail sentence.