At Least 40 Babies and Children Massacred by Hamas

In a horrifying act of violence, Hamas militants reportedly killed at least 40 infants and children at a kibbutz near the Gaza border, according to Israeli officials and journalists present at the scene. The gruesome details of the attack, which included decapitations, were shared on Tuesday, leaving the international community in shock.

The massacre took place at Kibbutz Kfar Aza, located near Sderot and approximately a quarter-mile from the Gaza Strip. Journalists on the scene struggled to convey the extent of the carnage. Reports indicated that entire families were brutally murdered in their beds, with some victims found decapitated.

Nic Robertson, a seasoned journalist, reported from the scene in military gear, describing the horrific sight of numerous murdered kibbutz members. Men, women, and children were found with their hands bound, shot, executed, and in some cases, decapitated.

French journalist Margot Haddat echoed the grim reports, stating in a translated tweet that the scene was so gruesome that it was initially withheld until there was absolute confirmation. She cited multiple sources, including the Israeli army, internal intelligence service, and graphic images she had personally verified. Haddat also praised the bravery of foreign journalists who bore witness to the horrific scene.

Kfar Aza was among several Israeli kibbutzim targeted by Hamas militants over the weekend. The extremists crossed from Gaza into southern Israel, initiating a wave of violence that escalated into full-blown conflict. It is believed that around 70 Hamas militants participated in the Kfar Aza massacre, using guns, grenades, and knives.

Gen. Itai Veruv, head of the IDF’s Depth Command, described the scene as a massacre rather than a war. He spoke of the victims found in their homes, including infants and parents, and the brutal methods used by the terrorists. The general compared the atrocities to historical pogroms in Europe, stating that such acts were unheard of in recent history.

As of Tuesday, the Israel Defense Forces were still clearing the remnants of the community, a few hours after the fighting in the area had subsided. The task was made more difficult by the presence of grenades and potential booby traps in many of the homes. The death toll in Israel is estimated to be around 1,100, with over 2,000 injured. Meanwhile, in Gaza, retaliatory airstrikes by the IDF have resulted in at least 830 deaths, including many children.