Man kills his mother when she refused to let him drive her car

Miroslav Liliev Mishev, a 30-year-old man from Texas, is facing a charge of capital murder after allegedly strangling his 69-year-old mother, Lilia Misheva, to death.

On March 2nd, paramedics with the Houston Fire Department were the first to discover her body at an apartment on Stella Link Road. An autopsy conducted by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences later revealed that she had been killed by strangulation.

The Houston Police Department (HPD) have stated that Mishev killed his mother after she refused to let him drive her car. Subsequently, he fled the scene with her car, her wallet, and her cell phone, though he was later apprehended by Sutton County Sheriff’s deputies in Sonora, Texas.

Charges were filed against him on March 9th. Currently, he is being held at the Sutton County Jail and is awaiting extradition to Houston.

Previous records indicate that Misheva had obtained a protective order against her son in August 2019, though she voluntarily dismissed it a month later. Mishev also had a history of speeding in school zones, according to court records.

In October 2021, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Medical Advisory Board of the Texas Department of Health issued a demand for him to provide medical information or undergo medical or other examinations to determine his ability to drive safely. He failed to appear for the Zoom hearing, so his license was revoked.