Man guns down girlfriend for getting abortion he didn’t agree with

Harold Thompson, 22, was apprehended and charged with murder when he shot his 26-year-old girlfriend, Gabriella Gonzalez, in a gas station parking lot on Wednesday.

Police stated that Gonzalez had just returned from a 800-mile journey to Colorado for an abortion, since it is legal in all stages of pregnancy. Abortions in Texas, however, are only allowed in medical emergencies after the sixth week of pregnancy.

The arrest warrant affidavit revealed that Thompson did not want Gonzalez to get an abortion, and it is believed that he was the father of the child.

Security footage showed the couple arguing before Thompson put Gonzalez in a chokehold and then proceeded to shoot her in the head multiple times. She died at the scene.

In March, he had been accused of assaulting a female family member, who is assumed to be Gonzalez, and the affidavit stated that he had “beat her up multiple times throughout the entirety of their relationship.” Thompson was also said to have threatened the woman and her family.