Man fined for scaring his neighbor’s chickens to death

The man was fined for killing his neighbor’s chickens during a neighborhood feud, but he returned to the farm and carried out the same action again. The situation involving two men in Hunan Province of China was documented in the state-owned media outlet China Daily.

This feud started in April 2020 when a man by the name of Gu cut down trees belonging to a man known as Zhong. In response, Zhong’s wife towed away the trees and this angered Gu. As a result, he retaliated by entering Zhong’s property at night with a flashlight, which caused the chickens to be startled and trample each other.

Gu was fined equivalent to $436 in yuan for the killing of around 500 chickens, but this did not stop his thirst for vengeance. He later returned to the same property and caused another 640 chickens to trample and kill each other, bringing the total number of chickens killed to more than 1,140, worth about $2,015.

A Hengyang County court charged Gu with intentionally causing property loss to his neighbor and sentenced him to six months in prison and one year of probation. The court decided to give a lesser sentence as Gu had shown remorse for the chickens he killed with the flashlight.