Man dies from punch by stranger over his tattoos

Kevin Sehmer, age 64, is being accused of battery after he punched another stranger out on a date night with his wife outside a Wisconsin bar. The victim, Joshua Davies (39 years old), passed away this week due to the critical injuries he sustained from the punch.

The altercation reportedly began when Sehmer commented about Davies’ tattoos inside the bar, claiming that he was “going to hell and God would not save him” before throwing a stool and then a punch outside. Jamie Davies, Joshua’s sister, expressed distress over her brother’s death and noted that nothing he had done was offensive.

The incident was reported to the Hartland police officer at approximately 11 pm that same night, with Davies found unconscious on the sidewalk. Following this, Sehmer was arrested and booked into Waukesha County Jail. Sehmer is facing one felony count of aggravated battery, however, the charges may be upgraded due to the victim’s death. Surveillance footage did not match the suspect’s account of the story.

Sehmer’s attorney has not commented on the specifics of the case, though he did express condolences to the family. Joshua Davies was described by friends as a family-oriented and caring person, making his death even more tragic and senseless. Sehmer posted a $1,500 bond on the battery charge and is set for a preliminary hearing on July 31.