Man convicted of dumping 24 human body parts, including heads, in the Arizona desert

Former Washington resident found guilty of dumping body parts in Arizona – WPXI News

A man was convicted of felony charges, dumped human body parts, including human heads, across Arizona in 2020.

Walter Harold Mitchell III operated a business called FutureGenex for decades, which provided cadavers to medical schools. In April 2020, he closed his business and relocated to Arizona.

According to prosecutors, he transported the body parts on dry ice in a U-Haul truck.

The body parts were found in the desert north and west of Prescott by hikers and hunters in December 2020. Police documented 24 body parts dumped there.

The body parts found included arms, legs, and heads from nine different people, according to Deputy Yavapai County Attorney Casi Harris.

In addition, officials found that the parts had silver tags and serial numbers similar to those found on donor parts. They were able to tie the remains to Mitchell thanks to the identification numbers. They found more evidence linking him to the dumped parts when they searched his apartment.

Additionally, law enforcement officials used DNA evidence from families who donated the bodies of their loved ones for scientific research.

“It was hurtful to think she would be treated in such a way. Not only her, but anyone else as well. I thought it was disgusting,” Marie Christianson told KING-TV about her mother.

Mitchell eventually admitted dumping the body parts and agreed to a plea agreement, investigators said.

In December 2020, the 60-year-old was arrested at his Scottsdale apartment. In total, he faces 29 charges of abandonment or concealment of a dead body, which are all Class 5 felonies.

A Yavapai County jury found him guilty on all counts on Thursday.

Mitchell will be sentenced for the 29 felonies on Halloween, October 31.