Man Convicted in Execution-Style Quadruple Murder

A Washington state man has been convicted for the brutal murders of four individuals, including a mother, her son, her brother, and his girlfriend. The 24-year-old, Maleke Pate, was found guilty on Friday for the deaths of Maria Nunez, 42, her son Emery Iese, 19, Nunez’s brother Raymond Williams, 22, and Williams’ girlfriend Natasha Brincefield, 22.

The Pierce County attorney, Sunni Ko, described the killings as “execution style,” stating that Pate had “gunned them down with no cause, no emotion,” according to reports from Seattle ABC affiliate KOMO. The defense had argued that the case against Pate was based on circumstantial evidence and that the prosecution could not definitively prove his involvement.

Travis Currie, Pate’s defense attorney, urged the jury to focus on the evidence presented and not the emotional impact of the crime. He argued that if the jury did so, they would return a verdict of not guilty. However, the jury found Pate guilty.

The husband of Maria Nunez, who is also a pastor, expressed his gratitude to the investigators and prosecutors for their work on the case. He stated that Nunez was his wife, Iese his son, Williams his brother-in-law, and Brincefield his friend. He added that while no one looks forward to news of a conviction, justice had been served.

The pastor also thanked the jurors, the judge, the lawyers, the detectives, and especially the witnesses who bravely came forward. He acknowledged that without their courage, they might not have reached this point in the case.

The murders occurred on October 21, 2021, in Tacoma. Police were called to the scene in the 4200 block of Everett Street following multiple reports of gunshots. A witness reported seeing the shooting, with one victim attempting to flee as the gunman pursued and shot him, according to local NBC affiliate KING5.

Pate was apprehended a few days later at his residence, which was located just blocks away from the crime scene. His sentencing is scheduled for April 11.