Man claims to have broken into home to escape a ghost chasing him

Florida man Andrew George was arrested and is currently in jail for allegedly breaking into a house due to a claim that a ghost was chasing him, as per Daytona Beach police. George was booked last week on two counts of burglary.

When police officers arrived at the scene, a historic home in Daytona Beach, they found George laying on his back on the front steps, covered in blood and crying out in pain. His alleged partner in crime, Natasha Kachuroi, was standing over him.

After questioning George and Kachuroi, as well as several witnesses, it was revealed that the two had rented a room at a nearby Travel Inn. They stayed in the room for approximately 30 minutes when they heard a window open and believed someone was attempting to break in. Thus, they asked for a refund from the motel manager and ran across the street, claiming they were being followed by a “shadow.”

Thinking a ghost was chasing him, George kept on running around the parking lot of the Halifax Marina. Fearing for his safety, he then ran to a neighborhood across the street and approached various homes, banging on the front doors and screaming for help. Kachuroi stated that at one point, George grabbed a chair and smashed it through one of the windows, before eventually punching it open. The occupants of the home called 911 and threatened to stab George with a kitchen knife if he did not leave.

George admitted to taking Molly (ecstasy) and said this was why he felt God was not protecting him from making bad choices. His arraignment is scheduled for July 18th at 8:30 a.m.