Man Claiming to Have Bomb Climbs Ferris Wheel, Pier Evacuated

On Monday afternoon, a man allegedly claiming to possess a bomb scaled the iconic Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier in California, leading to a police response. The Santa Monica police department confirmed the incident, stating that the man had been overheard by bystanders asserting that he was carrying a bomb.

The police promptly closed the Santa Monica Pier and began evacuating Pacific Park, the amusement park located on the pier. The department’s Crisis Negotiation Team was also deployed to engage with the man, who was perceived to be in a state of crisis.

Local news outlet KTLA-TV reported that several individuals were trapped in the Ferris wheel’s baskets during the incident. Aerial footage from news helicopters showed firefighters on the scene, successfully rescuing three baskets full of people, including children.

Eyewitnesses captured the unfolding drama on their phones, sharing images and videos on social media. One such image depicted the man clinging to the Ferris wheel’s pillars, a large black backpack visible on his person.

Crisis negotiators were present at the scene, attempting to communicate with the man. Subsequent news footage showed the man descending the Ferris wheel and being apprehended by police. Approximately a dozen officers were involved in the arrest.

Following the incident, the Santa Monica police department issued a statement confirming that the man was no longer on the Ferris wheel and was in police custody. They urged the public to avoid the area while the investigation was being concluded.

The police later clarified that no bomb or incendiary device was found at the scene. The Santa Monica Pier, a popular tourist destination, attracts over 9 million visitors annually.