Mall owner kills man for urinating on his building

Lloyd Preston Brewer III, 57, has been accused of one count of second degree murder after shooting and killing Garrett Hughes, 21, in an alleyway behind the strip mall’s Conch Town Liquor & Lounge on Roosevelt Boulevard in Key West, Florida on Feb. 13.

Surveillance footage and 911 audio have been released, apparently supporting the claims. On the 911 call, a woman says, “Somebody just got shot.” It shows a confrontation between the shirtless victim and the defendant after the victim had urinated on the side of the building.

The altercation is unclear in the grainy footage, but a police report obtained by Miami-based ABC affiliate WPLG states that the defendant went into a “shooting stance” before the fatal shot.

The defendant claimed it was in self-defense. However, Monroe County State Attorney Dennis Ward said that the video does not support that theory.

In response to the incident, the victim’s parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Brewer and several entities related to him and his family.

Brewer is currently in the Monroe County Jail without bond, with his defense attorney Don Yates requesting that he stay there for justice.