Just released felon kills 4, including parents, then shoots 3 more in road rage incidents

Joseph Eaton, 34, has been charged with four counts of murder after allegedly shooting and killing his parents, Cynthia Eaton, 62, and David Eaton, 66, as well as their friends Robert Eger, 72, and Patricia Eger, 62, at their home in Bowdoin, Maine. Police mentioned during a news conference on Wednesday that Eaton was booked into jail and was set to make an initial court appearance later in the week.

The sudden attack on the small, quiet town has left its people in shock. “This is very difficult for the community,” reported Maine State Police Col. Bill Ross in a news conference. “This stuff doesn’t happen in Maine.” Mike Sauschuck, the Maine Department Commissioner of Public Safety, added, “It’s an attack on the soul of our state.”

Ross revealed that Eaton had been released from the Maine Correctional Center on Friday and his mother picked him up. The same day, a man thought to be Eaton posted on Facebook expressing his gratitude, saying “It’s finally over. There are so many people I can’t wait to see.” Additionally, a video was posted of the man believed to be Eaton criticizing people who do not give second chances.

The suspect was already prohibited from possessing a gun in Maine and according to records reviewed by AP, had been charged with more than half a dozen crimes over the past decade.
The incident began Tuesday before 9:21 a.m. when a friend made a grim discovery on Augusta Road and called 911. Authorities said that deputies found Cynthia Eaton the Egers dead inside the home. David Eaton was found dead in a barn on the property. All four had died from gunshot wounds.

Neighbors said Robert and Patricia Eger were known for delivering baked goods to their neighbors on holidays. “They were very kind people,” said Denise Pride.

At the same time police were investigating the homicides at the home, multiple police agencies responded to reports of shots fired at multiple vehicles on a highway about 20 miles away. Four vehicles were hit by gunfire and three family members in the same car were hospitalized.

The suspect was found in a wooded area near a vehicle believed to be his off a highway ramp. Ross said the suspect admitted to killing his parents and their friends and shooting at the vehicles on the highway because he thought police officers were following him. It is unknown if the suspect had an attorney, the AP reported.