Intruder Taunts Homeowner After First Gunshot Wound, Responds with Second Shot

A Georgia homeowner defended his property by shooting an intruder twice, after the intruder seemingly mocked the homeowner about the first gunshot wound, according to local law enforcement. Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb reported that the incident occurred on Thursday when the homeowner alerted the police about a break-in. Simultaneously, the home’s security company was also notifying the police about the intrusion.

Sheriff Babb detailed that the homeowner encountered the intruder in the basement, where he issued a warning before firing a shot that hit the intruder. Following this, the homeowner positioned himself at the top of the staircase on the second floor of his home.

The intruder, undeterred by the initial gunshot, began ascending the stairs, challenging the homeowner with the words, “You’re gonna have to kill me.” In response, the homeowner shot the intruder a second time.

Upon their arrival, deputies found the intruder wounded and had to wrestle with him before taking him into custody. The intruder was then transported to a local hospital to receive treatment for his gunshot wounds.

Sheriff Babb revealed to local media that the suspect is believed to be linked to a series of crimes, including a potential murder case outside Georgia. The police are currently collaborating with law enforcement authorities from the other state involved in the investigation.

The intruder is suspected to have chosen the home randomly and is believed to have attempted to break into other residences in the affluent neighborhood.

The identities of both the homeowner and the suspect have not been disclosed by the authorities. As the investigation progresses, more information about the incident is expected to be released. Fayette County, where the incident occurred, is located in the northern part of Georgia and is home to approximately 120,000 residents.