Headless body found in yard

On February 3rd, police in DC discovered a human body that had been decapitated and dismembered inside black drawstring trash bags with red pulls. After an investigation, the victim was identified as Abdulio Arias-Lopez, a 32-year-old handyman.

The Metropolitan Police Department believes the murder happened in November of 2022, and Lavaughn Barnes, who was living in his sister’s basement in Brookland, was eventually charged with first-degree murder while armed.

The body was found by a witness clearing the area of bamboo overgrowth in the 1300 block of Kearney Street. The remains were partially decomposed and investigators believe Barnes used a taser to overpower the victim before beating him to death. They also believe he went to an Ace Hardware store to purchase an ax to dismember the body.

The magistrate judge said the killing seemed “incredibly random” and ordered that Barnes remain detained.