Gunman Opens Fire in Restaurant During Deadly Easter Sunday Brunch

A tragic incident unfolded on Easter Sunday in Nashville, Tennessee, when a man opened fire in a bustling restaurant, resulting in one fatality and injuries to four others. The shooting took place at Roasted, a popular brunch spot located at 614 Garfield St. in the Salemtown neighborhood, according to Metro Nashville police. The incident occurred just before 3 p.m., during the restaurant’s busy Easter brunch service.

The man who was fatally shot has not been identified, but several others who were injured are expected to recover, police said. Four individuals, who sustained either gunshot or graze wounds, were immediately transported to local hospitals for treatment.

Roasted, a restaurant that prides itself as a community hub where “love is in the air, and good times are shared,” was filled with patrons, including children, celebrating the Christian holiday when the shooting occurred. The atmosphere was festive, with customers enjoying music from a DJ, sipping mimosas, and taking photos with a staff member dressed as the Easter bunny.

However, the joyous occasion took a deadly turn when a man brandished a firearm and began shooting. A photo of the suspect has been released by Metro Nashville police, but his identity remains unknown.

A witness at a nearby playground recounted hearing approximately eight gunshots before seeing patrons fleeing from the restaurant in panic. Dia Settle, who was at the playground with a group of mothers and their children, described the scene as chaotic, with people either running away or dropping to the ground. She also mentioned seeing a pregnant woman among those rushed away by ambulance.

A local resident, who wished to remain anonymous, shared a conversation he had with a distraught father who had been at Roasted with his young daughter when the shooting occurred. The man told him that the incident began with an argument between two men, which escalated when one of them pulled out a gun.

The motive behind the shooting remains unclear, as police continue their investigation. The suspect, who fled the scene in a Mercedes GLS 450, is still at large. Authorities have urged anyone with information about the suspect to contact them at 615-862-8600.