Gunman Opens Fire at Water Park

A horrific shooting incident unfolded at a Michigan water park on Saturday, leaving eight people injured, including children. The assailant, who later took his own life, targeted the Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad in Rochester Hills around 5 p.m., marking a tragic end to the first full week of summer vacation for public school students.

The assailant, who remains unidentified, fired 28 rounds at the water, reloading his weapon multiple times before fleeing the scene. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard provided a chilling account of the incident, stating that the shooter calmly approached the splash pad, opened fire, reloaded, and then left.

Among the victims were eight individuals, a decrease from the initial count of ten reported by the police. The victims included a family of three: an 8-year-old boy critically injured with a head wound, his 4-year-old brother who was shot in the thigh, and a 39-year-old woman, relateGunman Opens Fire at Michigan Splash Padd to the boys, who sustained gunshot wounds to her abdomen and legs. The remaining victims, all aged 30 and above, were in stable condition.

The shooter, a 42-year-old man with no criminal record, was suspected to have mental health issues. After the shooting, he calmly returned to his vehicle and drove off. The police later located him in a nearby home, where a brief standoff ensued. The suspect was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The scene of the crime was cordoned off by the police, with dozens of yellow evidence markers scattered among the colorful folding chairs. A handgun and three empty magazines were recovered from the scene. The police also found a semiautomatic rifle and another handgun in the suspect’s home, suggesting that the swift police response may have averted further violence.

Rochester City Mayor Bryan Barnett expressed his grief over the incident, stating that it was a “horrible scene” that has been repeated too often across the country. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer also expressed her heartbreak over the incident, while Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson emphasized the need for children to be safe from gun violence.