Bikini-Clad Barista Hammers Customer’s Windshield

A heated dispute over a $22 coffee bill at a drive-thru coffee shop in South Seattle escalated when the barista, clad in a bikini, shattered a customer’s car windshield with a hammer. The incident, which was caught on surveillance video, has since gone viral, with many online users applauding the barista’s actions.

Emma Lee, 23, owner of A Taste of Heaven Espresso, was the barista involved in the altercation. According to Lee, the customer, a regular at her shop, had previously complained about the high cost of his orders. On this occasion, he had ordered a 32-ounce coffee and a 24-ounce water, totaling $22.

Lee stated that the situation escalated when the customer exited his vehicle and approached the drive-thru window, hurling the iced coffee at her. She also claimed that the man threatened her, saying, “Nobody is going to miss you.” Feeling threatened, Lee retaliated by damaging the customer’s car with a hammer after he attempted to drive off.

The young entrepreneur defended her actions, stating that the customer’s argument of being scammed was invalid as the prices were clearly listed. She has since reported the incident to the police and filed misdemeanor assault charges against the customer. However, the customer could potentially sue her in small claims court for the cost of his windshield.

Despite the potential legal repercussions, Lee remains unfazed. She expressed her frustration over the incident, questioning why she should be treated differently from other baristas simply because she serves coffee in swimwear. She also shared the surveillance footage of the dispute on her Instagram account.

The video has since sparked a debate among viewers. While some applauded Lee’s actions, stating that it was a justified response to the customer’s behavior, others criticized her for resorting to violence. One supporter wrote, “If we react like this, less men would think it was ok to talk to us like this.” However, a critic commented, “So you then commit a felony and aggravated assault him … not a good look sweet pea.”