Father and Son Murdered by Neighbor

A tragic outcome unfolded in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, where an ongoing neighborhood feud over noise complaints culminated in a fatal double shooting. The deadly episode unraveled between Jason Pass, 47, and two members of the family living above him, ultimately claiming the lives of a father and his stepson.

At the heart of the dispute were ongoing noise issues in the Vanderveer Estates, now known as Flatbush Gardens. Marie Delille, the spouse of one of the deceased, shared that tensions had been building for some time due to complaints about noise from their wooden-floored residence. On that fateful Sunday, matters reached a boiling point.

The confrontation became deadly when Bladimy Mathurin, 47, a school bus driver and father of four, approached Pass with a pair of scissors. Surveillance footage revealed Pass, clad in black, retaliating by drawing a handgun and firing multiple rounds. The aftermath left Mathurin and his stepson, 27-year-old Chinwai Mode, with lethal injuries. On-site paramedics found both victims with multiple gunshot wounds, primarily to their heads and upper bodies.

Evidence collected at the scene included nine .45-caliber shell casings and five bullet fragments. Pass, the primary suspect, was seen departing the area with composure after the incident.

In light of the incident, authorities have cited previous disturbances. Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny highlighted that six prior complaints had been lodged regarding noise emanating from Pass’s apartment. Notably, these disturbances were largely attributed to the lack of carpeting in the residence. Further inquiries into Pass revealed a short tenure as a state correction officer, which concluded in June 2005.

Community members and the affected family mourn the loss of Mathurin, portraying him as a diligent worker and dedicated family figure. This event has once again spurred conversations surrounding neighborhood tensions and the broader issue of gun violence in urban environments.