Elementary School Teacher Arrested, Allegedly Showed up to Class Drunk

A California elementary school teacher is facing serious charges after being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and potential child endangerment. Wendy Munson, 57, a teacher at Nuestro Elementary School in Live Oak, was taken into custody after allegedly arriving at school intoxicated.

The incident occurred on Monday morning when local police were alerted to a potentially inebriated teacher on the school premises. According to law enforcement, Munson exhibited clear signs of intoxication and subsequently failed a field sobriety test. Further investigation revealed that Munson had driven herself to school, leading to her arrest.

Upon testing, Munson’s blood alcohol level was found to be more than double the legal limit, a fact that investigators highlighted as a significant concern. The high level of alcohol in her system led authorities to describe her as “extremely intoxicated.”

The incident has sparked outrage among parents, with many demanding transparency from the school. Travis Reed, a parent of a student at Nuestro Elementary, expressed his frustration with the situation, criticizing the school for its lack of communication regarding the incident. Reed emphasized the trust parents place in educators to ensure the safety of their children, a trust he feels has been violated.

The school reportedly informed parents that Munson had been sober for five years prior to the incident. However, it was later revealed that Munson had previous arrests related to alcohol consumption, although specific details about these incidents were not disclosed.

Another parent, Kaitlynn Conley, voiced her disapproval of Munson’s actions, stating that she should have taken a leave of absence if she was unable to perform her duties responsibly. Munson is set to appear in court on Wednesday.