Disneyland Visitor Says Goofy Incident Gave Her Permanent Injuries

A woman visiting Disneyland has alleged that she sustained permanent injuries when a performer dressed as the popular character “Goofy” accidentally fell on her. The incident took place at Disney California Adventure Park on April 3, 2022, according to a lawsuit filed in the Orange County Superior Court. The woman, Katrina Griffin, was reportedly tying her daughter’s shoe when the costumed actor unintentionally walked into her, causing her to fall onto the hard concrete. The lawsuit, lodged in late March, alleges that the performer then fell on top of Griffin, applying his full body weight onto her.

Griffin asserts that she suffered “severe, traumatic, debilitating, and permanent injuries” that required extensive medical attention as a result of the accident. However, the lawsuit does not specify the exact nature of the injuries she sustained. The suit names Disneyland, the actor in the Goofy costume, and the character’s “handler” as co-defendants.

Disney Parks employs individuals to act as “handlers” for their mascots, ensuring that guests have safe interactions with the characters. These handlers also act as interpreters for the costumed performers who are unable to speak, including the character Goofy. Griffin alleges that the handler failed to prevent the collision between her and the character.

The identities of the actor and the handler were not disclosed in the lawsuit and were instead referred to as “John Doe 1” and “John Doe 2”. Griffin is seeking a jury trial to pursue damages related to medical bills and loss of earnings. She is also seeking damages for negligence, asserting that her injuries will result in some form of permanent disability. A case management conference has been scheduled for September 4.

In a separate incident, Disney World in Florida is also facing a personal injury lawsuit. A woman alleges that she suffered a serious injury when she experienced a “painful wedgie” from a waterslide. The woman, Emma McGuinness, visited Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon in October 2019 for her 30th birthday. She claims that she went airborne near the end of her slide down the near-vertical 214-foot drop of Humunga Kowabunga, resulting in her swimsuit being painfully forced between her legs and water being violently forced inside her.