Brutal Attack on Homeless Man Live-Streamed by Teens

A group of teenagers in Oklahoma City is facing serious charges after a brutal assault on a homeless man, which was broadcast live on social media. The incident occurred on May 26 near a 7/11 gas station at the intersection of Kentucky Avenue and Southwest 59th Street, according to local law enforcement.

The victim, identified as Tilman Shannon, was reportedly targeted by the group while he was near the gas station. Surveillance footage obtained by the police shows individuals in a vehicle shouting at Shannon. When the threats escalated, Shannon attempted to flee, but the teenagers pursued him.

Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Dillon Quirk revealed that the video captured nine teenagers savagely attacking Shannon near a dumpster. The group reportedly used racial slurs during the assault, and one of the teenagers, identified as Veronica Benavente, live-streamed the incident on her Instagram account.

According to the arrest affidavit, Benavente told Shannon, “We are kids,” while also hurling racial slurs at him. One of the most severe injuries Shannon sustained was when one of the teenagers forcibly removed his colostomy bag, causing his intestinal tract to be pulled out of his body.

Sgt. Quirk described Shannon’s injuries as severe and significant. Following the assault, Shannon was rushed to the OU Medical Center for treatment. Despite the extent of his injuries, he is expected to survive.

Benavente and another teenager, 18-year-old Eric Villagomez, have been arrested in connection with the assault. Authorities have also apprehended three juvenile suspects, while four others remain at large. The local community has expressed shock and fear over the incident, with some residents noting a recent increase in gang activity.

Mike Martin, a local resident, expressed his disgust to KFOR-TV, noting that while gang activity isn’t uncommon in the area, the level of violence in this incident was alarming. Trisha Tyler, who has lived in the neighborhood for five years, described the situation as scary, adding that the neighborhood is typically not dangerous.

Law enforcement is seeking assistance from the public in identifying the remaining suspects. Meanwhile, the investigation into the incident continues.