Boy Brutally Attacked by Pack of Dogs on His Way to School

A young boy from South Carolina was brutally attacked by a group of dogs as he was on his way to his school bus stop. The 11-year-old, identified as A’Rhyan Anderson, was set upon by four dogs around 7:40 a.m. on a Wednesday morning in the town of Clinton.

Natasha Mims, a local resident, witnessed the horrifying incident. Despite her fear of dogs and a rotator cuff injury, Mims intervened in an attempt to halt the attack. She described the scene as if the dogs were “literally eating him.”

According to Amy Lowe, Anderson’s mother, her son was bitten approximately 60 times during the attack. The severity of his injuries necessitated an emergency airlift to Greenville Memorial Hospital. Following emergency surgery, Anderson is now reported to be in stable condition. However, Lowe stated that her son will need physical therapy to recover from the traumatic event.

Lowe described her son’s injuries in graphic detail, stating, “He was bitten over 60 times. There’s no muscle. They ate all the muscle out of his left leg.” Mims echoed this sentiment, saying, “The dogs really looked like they had eaten him alive. At this point, I didn’t know whether he was dead or alive. I saw nothing but bones.”

The attack has left both the victim and his mother traumatized. Lowe expressed her distress, saying, “It’s traumatizing. I’m traumatized. I’m sure my son is traumatized.”

Upon arrival at the scene, police officers shot two of the dogs involved in the attack. The other two managed to escape. The dogs were described as large, black-colored mixed breeds. Lowe has called for the dogs to be put down and for their owners to be held accountable.

The Clinton Police Department has yet to identify the owner of the dogs. They are urging anyone with information about the dogs to contact animal control or the police department.