Body parts found in barrel of concrete

Jackie Lamar Bright has been charged with murder related to the death of Michael Bradley Cox, 40, according to a statement from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina. Bright had already been taken into custody for multiple offenses, including stolen vehicle and drug-related charges, prior to the murder charge.

The suspect’s property outside Sanford, North Carolina, was searched and authorities uncovered a 55-gallon barrel with hardened concrete, and inside the barrel, the dismembered remains of the victim who was last seen on Christmas Eve.

No motive for the murder has been released, nor is it known what the connection between Bright and Cox was. During a warrant search of the suspect’s home, a stolen all-terrain vehicle, 170 grams of marijuana, opioids, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia were found. Bright was then arrested during a traffic stop for violating his parole several days later.

The sheriff’s office noted that the suspect has an extensive criminal record.