Apartment Resident Discovers Gruesome Scene of Blood Dripping from Ceiling

Utica, New York – A shocking and disturbing discovery unfolded on Saturday when a resident contacted emergency services after witnessing what appeared to be blood seeping from their apartment ceiling. Utica police were summoned to the scene, later confirming that it was indeed blood dripping from the ceiling to the floor. Upon arriving, officers conducted a welfare check on the apartment above and were greeted by a man who emerged “covered in blood.” The individual promptly locked the door behind him and was immediately apprehended while the investigation continued.

Authorities entered the apartment and were confronted with a grisly sight – a significant pool of blood, alongside evidence suggesting the presence of something being dragged throughout the unit. Tragically, a deceased man was discovered in the bathtub. The victim, identified as Neko Rayton, had suffered multiple gunshot wounds, stab wounds, and other injuries, according to the Utica Police Department.

Law enforcement has identified the man covered in blood as 25-year-old Colton Shaffer. According to reports, Shaffer allegedly shot Rayton in the head before stabbing him in the torso, face, and neck with a knife. The incident occurred between approximately 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., according to the affidavit.

Shaffer now faces charges of second-degree murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Officials stated that additional charges may be forthcoming, as the investigation remains ongoing. While Shaffer declined to cooperate with investigators, Utica police confirmed that he and Rayton were “associates.”

Records from the New York Department of Corrections indicate that Shaffer served just over a year in prison for burglary before being released in September 2022. He subsequently completed a year of probation and has since been discharged.

As the investigation continues, the Utica Police Department is working diligently to establish a motive for the shocking and brutal attack.