Angry woman chasing boyfriend drives through front of Family Dollar store

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has reported that Tasha Marie Bradley, 33, has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and felony vandalism after an altercation with her boyfriend in a Nashville, Tenn. Family Dollar parking lot.

The report states that, following the argument, Bradley got into her pickup truck and drove it into the store in an attempt to follow the man. She was reported to have continued to drive through the aisles looking for him.

Photos released revealed the destruction left in the wake of Bradley’s actions, which reportedly caused over $250,000 in damages, including broken glass and damaged merchandise and shelves throughout the store.

Bradley has been held in Davidson County’s Correctional Development Center since Monday and is facing a $377,000 bond due to the seven charges against her, including attempted murder, aggravated assault (three counts), felony vandalism, robbery, and driving with a suspended license.

Court records further show that Bradley was arrested on February 22 on charges of strangulation and domestic assault with bodily injury; however, the case was “bound over” for grand jury review.